Changing Owners Corporation Management Companies in Victoria?

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How to change strata management companies in victoria
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    In Victoria, there are over 1,300 registered strata management companies. In a fast-growing industry, there are always dedicated professionals as well as opportunists. We connect you with the first type of managers – being some of Melbourne’s best strata management companies.

    Our overarching objective as a company is to be known as the trusted advisor to Committees and Owners Corporations. We take the guesswork out of changing strata management companies by guiding Committees every step along the way.

    More often than not, our input saves Owners Corporations and Committees time, money, and stress.

    Engaging a Strata Management Consultant

    Industry-insider & Strata Expert

    Industry-insider & Strata Expert

    Engaging a Strata Management Consultant ensures adherence to the legislative framework, proper processes are followed, and gives you the benefit of our industry-insider knowledge.

    No Cost Transition Service

    No Cost Transition Service

    Our transition service is at No Cost to the Owners and Committees as our costs are covered by the incoming strata management company.

    Qualified & Approved Management Companies

    Qualified & Approved Management Companies

    Every strata management company we work has been researched and vetted by us. We stand behind their quality as our reputation invariably gets associated with theirs.

    100% Independent Advisor

    100% Independent Advisor

    We are passionate about helping Committees and Owners to navigate the strata management landscape in Melbourne. We are 100% independent and always endeavour to help Committees and Owners to achieve a better outcome.

    Our Happy Clients

    Feedback from past clients of Strata Management Consultants

    Tullamarine - 52 Garden Drive
    Rowena L.
    Committee Chairperson
    “Strata Management Consultants were pivotal in helping our owners corporation navigate the difficult task of switching body corporate managers. Justin, our consultant, was easy to deal with, professional and extremely…
    Transition to New Owners Corporation
    Committee Member
    “Fantastic experience using Strata Management Consultants Melbourne. Not having experience in selecting a new Owners Corporation Manager (OCM) and generally new to OC, Rus made the whole process painless and…
    Owners Corporation Victoria - Tullamarine
    Kevin M.
    Committee Chairperson
    “Strata Management Consultants recently assisted our Owners Corporation to transition from one management company to another. Their expertise and guidance through the whole process was both professional and transparent. If…

    Case Studies

    Owners Corporation in Melbourne Receives $92k from VMIA Thanks to OC Manager

    In March 2018, an owner in an owners corporation in Malvern (Melbourne) contacted us. The building was fairly new (having been built in the last 4 years) and owners had…
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    We Helped Essendon Owners Corporation Change to Proactive Strata Manager

    In early May 2020, the Chair of an owners corporation of 50 lots in Essendon called into our office. Their owners corporation manager had pulled the ‘your insurance expires tomorrow…
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    The Long Road to Fairness for Apartment Owners

    Owners Corporation Management Legislation in Victoria In October of 2014, what was known as the Consumer Affairs Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2014 was tabled and ready to be enacted. The…
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    GAME-CHANGER: How COVID-19 & Zoom Will Change AGMs & OC Meetings

    How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Change the Strata Management Industry? As with other industries, the strata management industry has had to adapt in order to meet the challenges of 2020.
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    Top 10 Issues Faced by Owners Corporations in Victoria

    Owners Corporations and Strata Title has been integral to Australia’s growth in the last 30 years. Owners Corporations in Victoria and in other States for the large part has been…
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