Radio Silence from Your Owners Corporation Manager?
Radio Silence from Your Owners Corporation Manager?

Demand Better OC Management for Your Building.

We Only Work with Honest and Professional Companies.
We Only Work with Honest and Professional Companies.

Our work and industry knowledge takes the guesswork out of changing management companies.

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    How to change strata management companies in victoria
    Does your building deserve a better OC management company?

      How We Help to Change OC Companies

      Since January 2014, Strata Consultants Melbourne has helped Committees when it comes to changing owners corporation management companies. With over 1,300 registered ‘OC Managers’ in Victoria – we take the risk out of your decision to change management companies.

      Every single OC management company we work with has been carefully and thoroughly vetted by us. This is important because in Victoria, becoming an OC manager is a simple matter of registering with the Business Licensing Authority – there are literally no other barriers to entry!

      Our 120+ 5-star Google reviews are testament to our track record when it comes to delivering for Owners Corporations in Melbourne. We work with Committees and we work for Owners Corporation.

      Get the Process Started

      Avoid the Common Mistakes & Pitfalls

      Changing Body Corporate/OC Management companies requires understanding contractual obligations and legislation. We provide expert guidance for a seamless transition.

      100% Independent

      We are a fully independent
      brokerage service, focusing on facts and figures to assist you in changing body corporate/OC management. We are not affiliated or associated with any management group.

      Honest, Competent OC Management

      Low to no barriers to entry mean there are over 1,300 registered OC management companies in Victoria!

      In a fast-growing industry, there are opportunists and there are service providers. We work with quality companies focused on delivery, and we regularly turn away companies that approach us.

      No Cost Transition Service

      Our OC Management transition service is at no cost to your OC when you choose one of the providers from our vetted panel of OC companies. 

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        How Can We Help?

        Changing Body Corporate Companies?

        We help Committees when it comes to changing strata management companies. We help to guide Committees through the rules and regulations when it comes to making a change – and we help Committees to navigate the myriad of management companies in Victoria.

        Creating and Setting-up a New Owners Corporation?

        We work with Builders and Developers when it comes to setting budgets, drafting OC rules, and establishing new Owners Corporations. We are there working with you from project inception through to build completion and settlement.

        Why Choose Strata Management Consultants?

        Our best achievements → Committee feedback

        Based 144+ Committee Testimonials (which includes 122+ Google 5-star Reviews)

        “I have only been living in our complex for just over a month. Basically as soon as I moved in…
        Bruno Crasti
        Committee Member
        Balaclava, Victoria 3183
        “Ada and the team at Strata Consultants were beyond helpful and professional. They acted with the urgency our situation required,…
        Madeleine Borg
        Committee Member
        Balaclava, Victoria 3183
        “A couple of months ago we were faced with the unexpected resignation of our incumbent OC Manager and had to…
        Jennifer P.
        Committee Member
        Mont Albert North, Victoria 3129
        “Jordan was incredibly helpful and really went above and beyond to support us. Could not recommend Jordan and Strata Consultants…
        Madden Lay
        Committee Member
        Windsor, Victoria 3181
        “Strata Consultants (Toni in particular) demonstrated a high level of professionalism and knowledge in terminating the contract with a very…
        Marina Tisera
        Committee Member
        Brunswick East , Victoria 3057
        “I cannot thank Jordan enough for his help and guidance in changing Owners Corporations. Although still in contract with our…
        Joanne Kennedy
        Committee Member
        Essendon, Victoria 3040

        Frequently Asked Questions - Owners Corporations

        In Victoria, anyone can become a registered 'OC Manager' within minutes...

        Did you know?
        Did you know that in Victoria all you need to do to become an Owners Corporation Manager is to register with the BLA?
        The registration fee for 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2023 is $226.70. Find out more here.
        Did you know?
        According to the 2023 Macquarie Bank research, 29% of owners corporation managers in Victoria manage fewer than 1,000 lots. The question that Committees and OCs should be asking is - what happens to our funds if the appointed OC manager isn't financially stable and viable?
        Did you know?
        Victoria is the only state where over 46% of all OC management companies have been around for less than 5 years! That's bad for Committees and Owners Corporations because they lack experience, knowledge, systems, processes, network of professional contacts etc.
        Read our Don’t Trust a One-man Band with Your Money (or Owners Corporation Management) article here.
        In Victoria, over 46% of all OC management companies have been around for less than 5 years!
        Less than 3 years
        4-5 years
        6-10 years
        11-15 years
        16-20 years
        More than 20 years
        Strata Management Consultants can help you select the right Body Corporate Management to make your experience simpler, more streamlined, and ensure you get the best value for your money
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