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We work with Committees.
We work for Committees.

Strata Management Consultants Melbourne – our overarching objective as a company is to be known as the trusted advisor to owners corporations and strata management Committees.

We only know too well that strata management Committees:

  1. Volunteer their time;
  2. Are not being paid to be on the Committee; and
  3. Are seldom appreciated.

Furthermore, navigating the maze of strata management legislation, lengthy management contracts, and plethora of management companies isn’t always easy.

Strata Management Consultants takes the guesswork out of changing body corporate companies in Victoria by guiding the Committee every step along the way.

More often than not, our input saves owners corporations and Committees time, money, and stress.

With over 1,300 registered body corporate managers in Melbourne – it’s hard to know the good from the bad. And it’s certainly an industry littered with opportunists and an ever increasing number of new entrants.

We work with a panel of carefully selected and vetted Qualified & Approved Management Companies. We don’t claim to work every good manager in Melbourne but we certainly don’t work with the bad ones. Our panel of companies features some of the best body corporate management companies in Melbourne.


Strata Management Consultants was founded in January 2014 – since that time we have helped hundreds of owners corporations right across Melbourne to change to new and better management companies.

We work with Committees and we work for Committees. We guide Committees through the process of changing owners corporation companies from start to finish.

We are 100% independent. Our service is no cost as we’re paid by the incoming services provider.

Our expertise takes the guesswork out of finding the right strata management company – and one that will look after your interests. 



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