Are You Unhappy with Your Strata Management Company?

Are You Unhappy With Your Strata Management Services?

  • Are repairs and maintenance being attended to promptly and thoroughly?
  • Is your body corporate manager obtaining competitive quotes on building works?
  • Is your body corporate manager providing needed advice and guidance?
  • Are your body corporate regulations and by-laws enforced effectively?
  • Is your building adequately insured at a competitive price?
  • Are your strata records (financial and non-financial accurately and properly maintained)?
  • Is your manager sending out levy and other notices on time, and actively minimizing levy arrears?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘No,’ then you need to complain in writing because these are part of a body corporate manager’s core function.

How to Change Strata Management Companies?

Sometimes your best choice is to find a new body corporate manager – and that’s where Strata Consultants  can help you.

A Strata Consultant helps Owners and Committees in Strata-Titled buildings to to transition to a new Body Corporate Manager.

A Strata Consultant is there to ensure that everything is done correctly and according to the legislative requirements governing Body Corporates / Owners Corporations.

How to Change Body Corporate Manager?

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