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Short Term Letting Affecting Strata Insurance

Have you ever wondered what happens when a lot owner starts short term letting and it affects the ability of the body corporate to get the required statutory insurance? If…
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We Helped OC to Appoint New Manager to Address Building Defects

In November 2020, the Chair of an Owners Corporation in Ringwood contacted us. The building was falling behind on many fronts and their owners corporation manager wasn’t stepping up, let…
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Apartment or Townhouse in 2021? • Owners Corporations

When it comes to buying and investing – a really good question to consider whether an apartment or a townhouse is a better choice? Both property types will be a…
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Overdue OC Levies: Who Pays for Penalty Interest and Reminder Fees?

Firstly, there are 2 fees or charges being discussed here: The interest charged by the Owners Corporation to a Lot Owner who hasn’t paid their Levy Notice owed…
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Body Corporate Committee Responsibilities Victoria

Owners Corporations when they’re more than 15 lots, most of the time, are lucky to have a quorum at their Annual General Meetings. I’m sure there are various reasons for…
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Is the Strata Management Industry in Australia Under-pricing Itself on Smaller Buildings?

Owners Corporation Management in Melbourne A few months ago, I had coffee with Richard, the Managing Director of one Melbourne’s large strata management companies. One of the topics that…
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The Exceptions to the Rule – Seeking costs in the Owners Corporation List of VCAT

The Rule The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is empowered to hear and make orders relating to Owners Corporation disputes. As we are well aware, bringing or defending proceedings…
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What Real Estate Agents Mean When They Say ‘the Body Corporate’

‘…the body corporate will take care of it’ We’ve met with and spoken with a lot of real estate agents over the years. Be it in the context of the…
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Office Vacancies Hit Double-Digits; Lower OC Levies?

National office vacancy rate has reached 11.7 per cent and may go higher – according to a report by the Property Council of Australia. Offices across Melbourne, Sydney, and other…
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