Short Term Letting Affecting Strata Insurance

Have you ever wondered what happens when a lot owner starts short term letting and it affects the ability of the body corporate to get the required statutory insurance? If…
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The Need for Multi-Owners Corporations and Why There’s an OC1, OC2, & OC3

Why the need for an owners corporation in the first place? An owners corporation is created for the purposes of administering and managing shared property. Freestanding…
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Do We Need a Maintenance Fund for Our Owners Corporation?

Prescribed Owners Corporation Consumer Affairs Victoria defines Prescribed Owners’ Corporation as owners’ corporations having more than 100 lots (including storage lots, car parking lots, and accessory or ancillary lots), or…
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Performance-based Alternative Solutions the Key to Cheaper Cladding Replacement Costs

Owners’ corporations (OC) need not despair when served with an Order or Notice from the Municipal Building Surveyor or from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). There may literally…
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Strata Levies and COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strata sector is facing some big issues. Perhaps the biggest challenge (this week at least) is how to manage body corporate levies…
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Your Guide to Strata Cash Flows During a Pandemic

This guide is to help strata owners and managers deal with the important cash flow decisions that will arise during the Coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath. We cover what to…
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Coronavirus And Strata Managers: What Can You Do To Help?

Background – Strata Managers Strata managers and owners corporations have been presented with new and fundamentally different challenges by the COVID-19 situatio. The most dramatic and short-term impact of Coronavirus…
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Managing an Owners Corporation in Light of COVID-19

Introduction – Managing an Owners Corporation You may be wondering what your obligations are in the current climate when it comes to managing an owners corporation. Although the situation is…
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When and Why do Some Strata Management Committees Dysfunctional

Strata Management Melbourne At Strata Consultants Melbourne we speak with and sit down with strata management Committees day in and day out. It’s our job and for the most part…
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