6 Things All Responsible Landlords Do

For many of us looking to invest in property, purchase a new apartment, or even just buy our own place, we may be hearing the words “body corporate” for the first time. Body Corporate is the business that manages all aspects of your property, so it’s integral that you know what makes a good one.

Here we detail 6 key components that make up a fair and responsible landlord, to inform you on what to look for:

  1. Repairing any property damage
  2. Ensuring all common areas are well maintained
  3. A landlord working with a reputable strata management
  4. Keeping all electrical aspects of the property running consistently
  5. Providing a secure home for tenants
  6. Choosing a tenant fairly

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1. Repairing Any Property Damage

One of the key responsibilities of body corporate management is to keep the property well maintained and free of damage. Of course, this must all be within the realm of reasonability, an old apartment building will come with natural wear and tear, like slight discolouration of interiors. However, if you do report an issue to your landlord, it is their responsibility to solve your issue in a timely and appropriate manner.

2. Ensuring All Common Areas Are Well Maintained

One of the body corporate services that a landlord provides is the responsibility to keep the common areas safe and clean. This is not simply an expectation but a legal requirement, as stipulated under the landlord-tenant law. Having a safe area extends beyond simply ensuring there are no tripping hazards or things of that realm. But, also ensuring that there is adequate and appropriate lighting, and ensuring that facilities such as stairs or railings are safe, and not a hazard to use.

Keeping common areas clean simply means that areas should be habitable and free from mess and rubbish. However, if this rubbish is consistent, as the result of a specific tenant, then they will likely receive a warning. If this mess persists, it can be grounds for the property owner to send a “notice to vacate” in which the tenant will be evicted.

3. A Landlord Working With A Reputable Strata Management 

One way to ensure that you have a responsible property owner to consistently count on is to hire one who comes from a reputable Strata management. A building is only as good as its body corporate management, and having one poorly manage your building can turn day-to-day life into a nightmare.

Unclean common areas can lower resell value and having an unreliable body corporate makes meagre tasks like simple maintenance, seem like a major problem. A reputable Strata management company ensures that all the administrative tasks are carried out as well as financial and social issues are taken care of. You can rest assured that your property owner is capable and competent when they work with a reputable Strata management company.

4. Keeping All Electrical Aspects Of The Property Running Consistently 

Key responsibilities for a landlord working in body corporate management is to keep all essentials functioning, similarly to repairing property damage, any electronic or plumbing issues should be fixed immediately. It is the responsibility of the body corporate to supply the tenant with space for functional use, in order for it to be categorised as this, it needs to have the following:

  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Heating
  • Basic Appliances 

Although it is the property owner’s responsibility to have these utilities in working order, it is not in their realm of responsibility to supply them to the tenant initially.

5. Providing A Secure Home For Tenants

When you’re looking into property investment, body corporate play a huge role in deciding whether a property is for you or not. Good body corporate management creates a seamless living environment for the tenants. Putting the fees to the proper use and ensuring that all common areas are well maintained and everything is continually running smoothly. 

A good body corporate manager needs to provide their tenants with the correct locks for each door, that are in good working order, as it is essential that the home be secure and safe to live in. Just because they manage the property does not mean that they are able to enter the premise unannounced, each state has its own local legislation. For example, a landlord is able to enter your home, as long as there has been an agreed-upon date and time with the tenants. So ensuring the property owner is complying with these laws will ensure a happy future for you within the property.

6. Choosing A Tenant Fairly 

Being a property owner gives you the freedom to choose whomever you would like to become a tenant in the building that you manage. But as with everything, this comes with regulations. Of course, you cannot turn down a tenant based on any factors that would be considered a breach of the Equal Opportunity Act, this includes gender, race, marital status, disability and mental illness, just to name a few.  This is yet another reason why it’s a good idea to look for a landlord that works with reputable a Strata management company, as it gives you the peace of mind that you are working with a fair and well-run business. 

Landlords and body corporate can be a multi-faceted subject, with many different components to remember. So, when looking into the Strata process, ensure that your body corporate manager is fair and committed to ensuring your residence is harmonious and well looked after. Get in touch with our friendly team of strata consultants here at Strata Management Consultants today.

The contents of this article or website are only intended to provide a general overview of the topics discussed. The author of this article makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information and the information is not intended to constitute investment, legal or professional advice. You should seek professional advice before acting or relying on any of the content. This article does not contain references to any specific company, organisation or individual, unless expressly specified.
June 29, 2022
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