How to Change Owners Corporation Manager?

Do you feel stuck with a bad body corporate manager? You’re not alone! Many Victorians are unaware of their rights and the process for how to change owners corporation manager.  

Whether you’re a frustrated lot owner or a Committee member looking for better service, let our expertise streamline your search for a new manager. We’ll help you avoid costly missteps and find the right partner to elevate your property management. 

Step-by-step Guide 

There are many considerations when it comes to changing, here’s a starting list when it comes to How to Change Body Corporate Management Companies in Victoria: 

Gather Support:  Convincing a majority of lot owners or the Committee is crucial. Discuss your concerns and get them on board. 

Check the Contract:  Review your existing manager’s contract for termination clauses or renewal options. 

Call a Meeting:  The chairperson or a group of owners representing 25% of lot entitlements can call a general meeting. Ensure the agenda includes a resolution to change the manager. 

Prepare and Vote on the Resolution:  At the meeting, propose a resolution to remove the current manager and appoint a new one. A simple majority vote decides the outcome. 

Appoint the New Manager:  Once the resolution passes, the Committee can appoint a new manager based on qualifications and service offerings. 

Important Considerations  

Voting Rights:  Understand voting rights for both lot owners and the Committee within your owners corporation. 

Legality: Don’t need a special resolution (requiring a higher voting threshold) unless your contract mandates it. 

Service, Service, and Service

If you’re terminating or changing an Owners Corporation Manager due to poor maintenance, unresponsive communication, or cost concerns, take proactive steps to avoid a repeat. Thoroughly check references and scrutinize service contracts, ensuring all expected services are clearly itemized. Be wary of managers who don’t address your specific concerns in the initial contract. 

In our experience, this is a sign of problems to come. In general, you also want to choose or change your strata manager who has specialised in your area and has established relationships with local contractors in case of repairs or other issues. We can help you identify and examine the qualifications and reputation of your applicants.

Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Getchange owners corporation manager

Like any other professional service, the lowest price is not always the best value. Strata management pricing isn’t always what it seems so check the total cost carefully and pay attention to any exemptions and exclusions in the pricing table. Your total cost will include management fees, disbursements, service charges, meeting attendance, insurance commissions, and fee increases over time.

Choosing a New Management Company and Making the Transition

In a fast-growing industry, there are always dedicated professionals and opportunists. We connect you with the first type of managers – being some of Melbourne’s best current & new body corporate management companies.

We help you avoid the costly mistakes caused by dealing with others, as every strata management company we work with has been carefully vetted and scrutinised through our strata consulting services.

A dedicated Strata Consultant not only helps you untangle any relevant legal issues, but they also know the reputation, experience, and background of the managers they work with (as well as the people to avoid) to recommend you the best-qualified strata body corporate groups in Melbourne.

How Strata Management Consultants Can Help You Change Owners Corporation Manager 

We understand that changing your Owners Corporation Manager might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to simplify the process. Our team is dedicated to efficiently and effectively helping you find a better, more service-focused OC management company. 

  1. Let’s Talk: We’ll start by discussing your needs and concerns with your Committee to gauge the desire for change. We know the right time to find the perfect manager is at the start, but if you’re facing issues now, we can help you make a better choice for the future. 
  2. Tell Us What You Need: We’ll take the time to understand the unique requirements of your building and owners corporation. Our detailed briefing process ensures we understand your situation and tailor solutions accordingly. 
  3. We’ll Show You Your Options: We’ll use our expertise to find qualified managers, gather proposals, and present you with clear comparisons. Our goal is to empower you to make an informed decision that best suits your needs. 
  4. We’ll Handle the Legal Stuff: Changing managers involves legal considerations, and we’ve got you covered. We’ll guide you through every step, ensuring compliance and minimising any risks. 
  5. We’ll Make Management Switch Smooth: We’ll manage the entire transition process, from paperwork to handovers. Our priority is to make this change as seamless as possible, so you can focus on enjoying the benefits of your new OC management company. 

To learn more about How to Change Body Corporate Management Companies in Victoria or specifically, what is strata management? Visit Strata Management Consultants today. We specialise in not only advising and guiding Committees on how to change body corporate management companies but have also carefully vetted every management company we work with.

Find out more about what is an owners corporation management company, or feel free to contact us at 1300-917-848 or via email at


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January 11, 2023
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David Lin
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