Managing Owners Corporation Meetings Effectively: 5 Tips To Follow

Whether you’re a property owner, investor or landlord, managing owners corporation meetings, understanding what is an owners corporation and having a good relationship with the owners corporation (OC) is an important part of current and new body corporate management

OC meetings are a real-time gathering of OC committee members along with the strata manager. This is where they come together to take key decisions about the strata complex. The agenda could be anything, from strata finances, levies, and insurance to scheduled maintenance and repairs.

At the end of the meeting, the committee members (chairperson, treasurer, secretary) and other ordinary members might take a vote on key decisions as well. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In theory, running meetings seems pretty straightforward, but it can be tricky and time-consuming if not managed effectively. Don’t worry though, these five tips according to Strata Management Consultants can go a long way in managing owners corporation meetings:

  1. Effective Owners Corporation Meetings & Time Management Structure
  2. Ensure Motions Are Resolved Promptly
  3. Take Assistance When Offered
  4. Appoint An Experienced Chairperson 
  5. Be Confident And Act Confident In Owners Corporation Meetings

owners corporation meetings

Effective owners corporation meetings & time management structure

This point might seem obvious, but efficient time management is the best way to keep your owners corporation meetings running smoothly. Most OC meetings are held at night after all the committee members return from work. At this time, they are most likely eager to get back to their homes and families. Everyone’s time is valuable, so it is crucial to always start your OC meetings on time. In fact, do all the preparations ahead of time.

Another important part of time management is structuring the meeting. Put some thought into the order of business, and determine which part of the agenda should be discussed first. Perhaps, there are some topics that require the presence of a strata lawyer. Your lawyer doesn’t have to sit through the hours-long meeting when it could be easily addressed at the start.

Of course, make sure that the minutes of the meeting are recorded by the secretary. The minutes of the meeting should contain the time, date, place and the attendees’ names. It should also contain the resolutions made, the voting done and details of any other corresponding.

Ensure motions are resolved promptly

When running owners corporation meetings, it’s your job to ensure that all the motions are promptly resolved after being duly considered. OC meetings can easily go in other directions when the members start speaking on top of each other or talk about something completely unrelated to the issue at hand. As a result, you could end up discussing one issue for hours and hours. This is your time to take charge of the situation.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that the discussion stays on track:

  • Prior to the meeting, inform all the members that any questions they plan to ask in the meeting should be submitted to the strata manager in writing first. This way, everything that has to be discussed will be pre-decided.
  • The members should also be informed that there will be a time limit when they wish to speak to motions. This time limit can be set for 60 seconds, one minute, or even two minutes. Keep some provisions for extending this time in certain special situations.

Take assistance when offered

Running an owners corporation meeting successfully is not a one-person job. There are many things that have to be prepared even before the start of a meeting, like an agenda document, the text for any resolutions, and other documents. Besides this, someone also has to collect the voting papers and hand out circulars during the meeting.

Typically, an OC meeting requires the efforts of the strata manager who assists the chairperson in running the meeting. It’s a good idea to have someone assisting the strata manager too. If there is a new intern at the strata manager’s company, they could act as the strata manager’s assistant for the meeting. This also gives these new interns an opportunity to learn the ropes and develop their strata management skills.

Appoint an experienced chairperson

This is something that goes without saying, but it is the chairperson’s job to ensure that owners corporation meetings run successfully. If the person chairing the meeting doesn’t know what they’re doing, things can go south very quickly.

The chairperson should know how to conduct OC meetings in accordance with Victoria’s strata laws & owners corporation rules. They should also be well-versed with the Owners Corporation Act of 2006, which states everything about conducting OC meetings efficiently.

Here are some things to should familiarize yourself with:

  • The meaning of a ‘poll’
  • The quorum rule
  • What makes a valid proxy
  • Calculating special resolutions
  • Reading a building’s financial statements
  • How committee member elections work

Be confident and act confident in owners corporation meetings

In all walks of life, having confidence is key. So it is in owners corporation meetings too. If you are chairing the meeting, you need to have the confidence to address any issues and challenges that might come up. If one of the members stands up and challenges you at something, it’s not a good idea to take offence at that straight away.

As the chairperson, it is your role to deal with all the issues with patience and confidence. An objection may not always be a personal attack. And who knows, if you keep an open mind, you might get to learn a new view.

With this, we’ve covered all the tips you need to know about running owners corporation meetings successfully. Armed with this knowledge, you can take the right steps to ensure that all the strata management discussions stay on track.

While it is the job of the chairperson to run these meetings, the role of the strata manager is just as important. The strata manager acts as a guide when it comes to taking the best decisions for an OC complex or property. If the strata manager is not able to carry out their duties, it will get difficult to manage the whole strata (not just the meetings).

If you are unhappy with your strata manager, you can contact Strata Management Consultants to change your strata company. With our no-cost OC management brokerage services, you can transition to a new strata manager seamlessly and in accordance with the law. Contact us today or call us at 1300-917-848 to learn how.

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January 31, 2023
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