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What is Owners Corporation Management?

Do I have to be Part of an Owners Corporation? Owners Corporation / Body Corporate Management Fees Maintenance & Repairs Do I…
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Common Experience for New Apartments with Owners Corporation Management in Melbourne?

With Melbourne’s house prices being where they are and have been (are probably going?), it makes sense for a lot of empty-nesters to sell the family home and downsize into…
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Owners Corporation in Melbourne Seeks Help to Leave Abusive Real Estate Agent

Do Real Estate Agents Make Good Owners Corporation Managers? It is absolutely staggering to us to see the weekly growth in Consumer Affair Victoria’s…
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Owners Corporation in Melbourne Receives $92k from VMIA Thanks to OC Manager

In March 2018, an owner in an owners corporation in Malvern (Melbourne) contacted us. The building was fairly new (having been built in the last 4 years) and owners had…
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We Helped Essendon Owners Corporation Change to Proactive Strata Manager

In early May 2020, the Chair of an owners corporation of 50 lots in Essendon called into our office. Their owners corporation manager had pulled the ‘your insurance expires tomorrow…
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The Long Road to Fairness for Apartment Owners

Owners Corporation Management Legislation in Victoria In October of 2014, what was known as the Consumer Affairs Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2014 was tabled and ready to be enacted. The…
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We Helped Highett OC Change Strata Managers and Improve Services

An owners corporation Committee in Highett contacted us to ask about the process for changing strata management companies. It was a relatively new building and they had been left ‘stuck’…
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GAME-CHANGER: How COVID-19 & Zoom Will Change AGMs & OC Meetings

How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Change the Strata Management Industry? As with other industries, the strata management industry has had to adapt in order to meet the challenges of 2020.
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