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Owners Corporation Managers Cannot Claim “Privacy” for Access to Strata Records

Owners corporations employ owners corporation managers to keep the books and records of the owners corporation. A problem often arises when owners corporation Committees and Owners want access those records.
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Victorians will be given an extra two years to  pursue legal action against builders responsible for installing combustible cladding on their homes under legislation being introduced to the Victorian Parliament…
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COVID Q&A: Private Renovations, Cladding Rectifications and Nuisance from Pets

Question: The apartment next door to me is being renovated during COVID-19 … The builders are there all day banging on their tools and using their power tools. Maybe this…
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From an Investor’s Perspective: What’s Important for Owners Corporations

Rosemary S. is a property investor with multiple properties across Victoria. The majority of her properties are members of owners corporations. She’s seen almost all of the issues that owners…
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Owners Corporation Legal Case Review- Air Conditioners and Owners Corporations Consent

Legal arguments not enough to get around the requirement to get your Owners Corporation’s consent to install air-conditioners on common property… In May 2013, VCAT issued a decision ordering lot…
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Owners Corporation RP000992 v Stock[2020] VCAT 495

Background Ms Stock occupied lot 18 which was on the top level of an apartment block. She had provided food and water to wild pigeons from the balcony of her…
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Defects in Residential Strata Buildings? Take Care not to Overlook the Most Prevalent!

“It is a harsh reality that body corporates are often faced with rectifying their dwindling asset at their own cost.” In recent times, the construction and strata industries across…
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A Timely Reminder : Statutory Limitation Period for Commencing Legal Proceedings Relating to Domestic Building Disputes

Statutory Limitation Period It is well established that a building action cannot be brought more than 10 years after the issuing of the certificate of occupancy for the building work…
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