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Top 10 Issues Faced by Owners Corporations in Victoria

Owners Corporations and Strata Title has been integral to Australia’s growth in the last 30 years. Owners Corporations in Victoria and in other States for the large part has been…
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The Cladding Safety Victoria Bill 2020 Provides Owners Relief but Set to Retrospectively Increase the Building Industry’s Liability

The Victorian Parliament has recently introduced a bill to establish a new governing body to oversee the cladding rectification program for residential and public buildings and to retrospectively amend the…
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We Helped Malvern OC Change to Proactive Owners Corporation Manager

Malvern Owners Corporation called into our office as they were unhappy with their owners corporation management company. The building was only a few years old and the developer had appointed…
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I’m Not Paying For That… I Don’t Even Have A Balcony!

It is not uncommon for us to have our clients seek our advice in relation to who must pay for repairs, maintenance or other works to common property. This is…
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The Future of Apartment Living – Post COVID-19

We’ve all spent far too much time over the winter months holed up in our apartments working at home, educating at home and living at home. Home has become our…
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Owners Corporations: Smoking & Smoke Drift During COVID-19 Lockdown

We live in an apartment block. We have a serious issue of second-hand smoke in our unit. The excessive amount of smoking by some of the residents,…
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Should We Audit Our Owners Corporation in Victoria?

“Should We Audit Our Owners Corporation in Victoria?” is a question that we are regularly asked by strata Committees here at Strata Management Consultants. Owners Corporations in Victoria that are…
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Owners Corporation Managers Cannot Claim “Privacy” for Access to Strata Records

Owners corporations employ owners corporation managers to keep the books and records of the owners corporation. A problem often arises when owners corporation Committees and Owners want access those records.
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