Is It Hard to Be A Body Corporate Services Management Professional Because the Client Is Under-Informed?

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Body corporate services management is an industry with a particularly high turnover of staff. We had a client in Elsternwick that was managed by one of Melbourne’s large management companies – the 5 different managers in less than 2 years!

The Committee was understandably frustrated and annoyed at having to re-educate and update the manager on what was happening at the building, only to have to repeat the process months later with another manager.

One of the things we look for in adding to our panel of Qualified & Approved Managers is the staff turnover within the body corporate services management company.

Which sort of raises the question of what is it about body corporate services management that contributes to the high staff turnaround?

Sure, there are a body corporate services management hire inexperienced staff, provide little training, and then assign them a large portfolio (of 100+ building) expecting that they would work it all out.

Sure, there can be a lot of evening meetings within body corporate services management and meetings can overrun (we know this from firsthand experience).

And sure, there are body corporate services management companies that don’t have a positive working environment and cultures (these are often the body corporate services management companies regularly at VCAT).

But what about the client interactions and interface, and how they play out?

Interacting with Committees, owners, tenants, and property managers is a large facet of body corporate services management. It can be said that a lot of these interactions place the unfair onus on the body corporate services management company to fix complex problems in a short timeframe.

Additionally of a lot of issues, complaints, and disputes are often directed to the body corporate services management company when it may not be in fact something that relates to owners corporation law.

So it is our view that training and education are as important for body corporate services management professionals as for residents and owners.

Consumer Affairs Victoria publishes an informative booklet called Guide to Owning, Managing and Living in an Owners Corporation – Victoria. It’s recommended reading for anyone who rents in an apartment, looking to buy an apartment, or owns an apartment.

We will also be conducting training seminars for Committees, Owners, and Property Managers early next year. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information.


Time to Change Body Corporate Management Companies But Not Sure How to?

Strata Consultants Melbourne has been helping and guiding Committees on how to change owners corporation management companies since January 2014. We guide you through the process of changing body corporate management company and everything is done according to the body corporate rules and regulations. Speak to a Strata Consultant about changing owners corporation managers on 1300 917 848.

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October 18, 2019
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