New Body Corporate Management

Assisting Builders and Developers with Setting up New Body Corporates and Owners Corporations.

Whether your new development is a block of 10 offices, 50 apartments, or 30 industrial units we can help with all aspects of setting up the owners corporation.

We work with Builders and Developers from project conception and right through just before the plan of subdivision is registered with Landata Victoria.

New Body Corporate Management
Help with Setting Up Owners Corporation
Preparation of OC Budget for Pre-Sales
Drafting of OC Rules, Industry-Insider & Strata Expert
There to Answer All Your Questions

The Important Priorities for Your Development

  • We prepare meaningful OC budget that shows the quarterly levies for each lot in your development. This helps your real estate agency with the all important pre-sales and sales process.
  • 100% independent consultant means that your development company is at an arms length of the appointment of the strata management company.

Setting up New Body Corporate / Owners Corporation

We’re there to help you navigate all the owners corporation requirements and strata questions that you might have throughout your project.

What we do for your new strata development

Prepare owners corporation budget that helps your real estate agent with pre-sales and sales
Draft owners corporation rules with consideration of the building and usage.
Help to answer any strata questions throughout your development.
Assist with setting up and appointing the ultimate strata management company who will manage the owners corporation.
Help to put your preserve your brand integrity by putting your company at arms length from the strata management company.

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