We Helped Glen Huntly to Save $421 through Change of Owners Corporation Managers (Melbourne)

In February 2022, Maria contacted us about her building in Glen Huntly. The building was a block of townhouses that had been managed by the same management company for many years, and the Committee was concerned about the poor-quality service and responsiveness that they’re getting from their assigned owners corporation manager.

Qualified Owners Corporation Managers Melbourne

Every single owners corporation manager or management company in Melbourne that we work with is carefully vetted and scrutinised in terms of their:

  1. Owners corporation management experience and relevant qualifications
  2. Service and service metrics
  3. Integrity & values
  4. Dedicated strata software platform, systems, and processes
  5. On-going knowledge and training for their Melbourne based owners corporation managers

Our expertise and industry knowledge takes the guesswork out of changing owners corporation managers in Melbourne.

Changing Owners Corporation Managers Melbourne (Glen Huntly, VIC)

We met with the Committee to understand their concerns with the incumbent OC manager and discuss what they would expect of their new OC manager.

After compiling an RFT with information and specifications particular to their building, we conducted a tender process. We met again with the Committee and helped them to understand all the new OC management proposals in terms of their offerings, qualities, and costs.

The Committee chose a company that was less expensive than their incumbent and we assisted with the appointment process.




Cost Comparison Previous OC
Management Company
New OC
Management Company
Management Fees $2,646 $2,500
Disbursement $678 $390
Software, Work Orders + Misc. $77 $90
Other Additional Charges $0 $0
Total Strata Management Costs $3,401 $2,980


*OC guidance for all Committees: be careful when it comes to OC management contracts and ‘open-ended, blank cheque’ disbursements sections. Some OC management companies charge for every work order, phone call, email, page of paper, printing, postage, envelope, etc.

The vast majority of OC management companies that we work with – charge a fixed, all-inclusive fee for their disbursement costs. And of these OC management companies, most will waive their disbursement fee if lot owners elect to receive OC notices electronically.


We helped the Committee to help save all owners in the owners corporation in Glen Huntly $421 per year on their strata / OC management costs.

Thinking About Changing Owners Corporation Managers in Melbourne?

Take the first step in process of changing owners corporation management companies for your property in Glen Huntly by speaking to a Strata Management Consultant at 1300-917-848 or email us for specialist OC guidance via office@strataconsultants.com.au

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August 30, 2023
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