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Management Contracts that are 25-Year Shackles

Imagine you’ve interviewed for a job and the call comes: “you got the gig … we’re sending over a 25-year contract.” Twenty-five years? That’s half the length of a working…
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Does Every Strata Management Company Take Insurance Commissions?

Strata Management / Owners Corporation Insurance The Concerns of Owners Corporations and Committees Why Do Strata Management Companies Receive Insurance Commissions? Unscrupulous and Unethical Body Corporate Managers Taking Too Much…
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“We Don’t Want to Jump Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire”

At Strata Management Consultants, we are lucky to have meet many new people and have many interesting conversations. And the top 3 things we hear the most often from owners…
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Best Body Corporate Melbourne Companies Reviews & Overview

“Best Body Corporate Melbourne Companies Reviews & Overview” covers the strata management landscape in Victoria from the perspective of an strata industry-insider. For over 7 years, we have been actively…
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Body Corporate Fees – 250 Emails at $8.75 per Email???

Body corporate fees are important to everyone and anyone owning a strata titled property regardless of whether it is a commercial owners corporation or residential owners corporation. What is set…
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Top 5 Reasons Why OCs Change Owners Corporation Managers

“Top 5 Reasons Why OCs Change Owners Corporation Managers” is an important list for owners corporations and owners corporation managers to know and understand. A good working relationship between the…
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Differences with Commercial Owners Corporation Management

“Differences with Commercial Owners Corporation Management” is something we’ve wanting to cover for a while now. A lot of businesses in Victoria actually work out of buildings that are managed…
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Are Car Stackers a Good Idea in Owners Corporations?

“Are Car Stackers a Good Idea in Owners Corporations” might be a question that a lot of new apartment owners and prospective apartment buyers may find themselves asking. Car stackers…
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What is the Process for Changing Body Corporate Management?

“What is the Process for Changing Body Corporate Management” is a common question asked by strata management Committees. There are a lot of elements when it comes to the process…
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Do We Need a Maintenance Fund for Our Owners Corporation?

Prescribed Owners Corporation Consumer Affairs Victoria defines Prescribed Owners’ Corporation as owners’ corporations having more than 100 lots (including storage lots, car parking lots, and accessory or ancillary lots), or…
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