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Top 10 Issues Faced by Owners Corporations in Victoria

Owners Corporations and Strata Title has been integral to Australia’s growth in the last 30 years. Owners Corporations in Victoria and in other States for the large part has been…
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Should We Audit Our Owners Corporation in Victoria?

“Should We Audit Our Owners Corporation in Victoria?” is a question that we are regularly asked by strata Committees here at Strata Management Consultants. Owners Corporations in Victoria that are…
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From an Investor’s Perspective: What’s Important for Owners Corporations

Rosemary S. is a property investor with multiple properties across Victoria. The majority of her properties are members of owners corporations. She’s seen almost all of the issues that owners…
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Defects in Residential Strata Buildings? Take Care not to Overlook the Most Prevalent!

“It is a harsh reality that body corporates are often faced with rectifying their dwindling asset at their own cost.”   In recent times, the construction and strata industries across…
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Unfair Contract Terms and Owners Corporations

“Unfair Contract Terms and Owners Corporations” is a common topic of discussion for us – both in conversations that we have with Committees and internally within the office. Over the…
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We Live Here – Advocacy Group for Owners Corporations

Should all Owners & Committees in Owners Corporations in Victoria Get Involved with We Live Here?  We Live Here (WLH) is an advocacy group launched in December 2015 with the…
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“Real Consumer Protection” for Buyers of Off-the-Plan Apartments

Owners Corporations in NSW On 2 June 2020, Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill 2020 (NSW) (“the Bill”) was introduced in the NSW parliament.
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Management Contracts that are 25-Year Shackles

Imagine you’ve interviewed for a job and the call comes: “you got the gig … we’re sending over a 25-year contract.” Twenty-five years? That’s half the length of a working…
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Does Every Strata Management Company Take Insurance Commissions?

Strata Management / Owners Corporation Insurance The Concerns of Owners Corporations and Committees Why Do Strata Management Companies Receive Insurance Commissions? Unscrupulous and Unethical Body Corporate Managers Taking Too Much…
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“We Don’t Want to Jump Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire”

At Strata Management Consultants, we are lucky to have meet many new people and have many interesting conversations. And the top 3 things we hear the most often from owners…
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