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We Helped OC to Appoint New Manager to Address Building Defects

In November 2020, the Chair of an Owners Corporation in Ringwood contacted us. The building was falling behind on many fronts and their owners corporation manager wasn’t stepping up, let…
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Owners Corporation in Melbourne Seeks Help to Leave Abusive Real Estate Agent

Do Real Estate Agents Make Good Owners Corporation Managers? It is absolutely staggering to us to see the weekly growth in Consumer Affair Victoria’s…
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Owners Corporation in Melbourne Receives $92k from VMIA Thanks to OC Manager

In March 2018, an owner in an owners corporation in Malvern (Melbourne) contacted us. The building was fairly new (having been built in the last 4 years) and owners had…
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We Helped Essendon Owners Corporation Change to Proactive Strata Manager

In early May 2020, the Chair of an owners corporation of 50 lots in Essendon called into our office. Their owners corporation manager had pulled the ‘your insurance expires tomorrow…
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We Helped Highett OC Change Strata Managers and Improve Services

An owners corporation Committee in Highett contacted us to ask about the process for changing strata management companies. It was a relatively new building and they had been left ‘stuck’…
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We Helped Malvern OC Change to Proactive Owners Corporation Manager

Malvern Owners Corporation called into our office as they were unhappy with their owners corporation management company. The building was only a few years old and the developer had appointed…
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Owners Corporation in Ivanhoe Ripped-off by Dodgy Manager, Saves $7,240

• Total/actual cost of owners corporation management in Ivanhoe • Changing body corporate management companies • All the strata management options were significantly less expensive…
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We Helped Carlton Owners Corporation to Save $5,997

The Committee of an owners corporation in Carlton contacted us due to concerns they had with the management of their building. We met with the Committee at a café near…
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Owners Corporation Saves $6,371.31 with Excel

Previous Owners Corporation Management Company We were contacted by a lady who, as well being a Committee in the owners corporation, also happened to be the Managing Director of her…
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Strata Managers and Blank Cheques from Developers

Developers often choose and appoint the strata manager before owners even move in.   Initial Appointment of Strata Managers Strata managers often are needed when property is sub-divided through the…
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