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VCAT Declares that Committees have the Power to Terminate an OC Manager

Many high-rise buildings will be aware of terms embedded within an owners’ corporation (OC) manager’s agency agreement. These agreements permit a manager to be appointed for a period of five…
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Siddiqui v Owners Corporation RP001414 (Owners Corporation) [2020] VCAT 382

Background This proceeding concerned two lots (1 and 5) (‘the Property’) owned by a Dr Siddiqui in a plan of subdivision. His son Najee Siddiqui (Najee) is the occupier of…
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VIC: Owners Corporations – Say Bye Bye to Short Term Letting

Short term letting operations have caused havoc for owners corporations, even at the best of times. During COVID-19 however, short term letting posed (yes past tense) a greater risk to…
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Unlawful Removal of Owners Corporation Funds by Manager: Wyndham Harbour A2 Pty Ltd v Your Body Corporate Pty Ltd

Tisher Liner FC Law’s Summary of the VCAT Decision in Wyndham Harbour A2 Pty Ltd v Your Body Corporate Pty Ltd (Owners Corporations) [2019] VCAT 1710 (12 November 2019)  …
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Combustible Cladding – Partial Removal not Accepted for Malvern Building

Many owners corporations have issues with combustible cladding. A Malvern Road property’s attempt to get a solution to avoid full replacement was not approved by the Building Appeals Board. The…
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Differences with Commercial Owners Corporation Management

“Differences with Commercial Owners Corporation Management” is something we’ve wanting to cover for a while now. A lot of businesses in Victoria actually work out of buildings that are managed…
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Anderson v Holden Peel Projects Pty Ltd (Building and Property) [2020] VCAT 538 (5 May 2020)

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Owners Corporations – What is Common Property?

“Owners Corporations – What is Common Property?” is a common question for apartment owners, commercial property owners, and property managers. The question often only arises when the matter who should…
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The Need for Multi-Owners Corporations and Why There’s an OC1, OC2, & OC3

Why the need for an owners corporation in the first place? An owners corporation is created for the purposes of administering and managing shared property.   Freestanding House (Torrens…
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Do We Need a Maintenance Fund for Our Owners Corporation?

Prescribed Owners Corporation Consumer Affairs Victoria defines Prescribed Owners’ Corporation as owners’ corporations having more than 100 lots (including storage lots, car parking lots, and accessory or ancillary lots), or…
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