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The Need for Multi-Owners Corporations and Why There’s an OC1, OC2, & OC3

  Why the need for an owners corporation in the first place? An owners corporation is created for the purposes of administering and managing shared property.   Freestanding…
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Do We Need a Maintenance Fund for Our Owners Corporation?

Prescribed Owners Corporation Consumer Affairs Victoria defines Prescribed Owners’ Corporation as owners’ corporations having more than 100 lots (including storage lots, car parking lots, and accessory or ancillary lots), or…
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Performance-based Alternative Solutions the Key to Cheaper Cladding Replacement Costs

Owners’ corporations (OC) need not despair when served with an Order or Notice from the Municipal Building Surveyor or from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).   There may literally…
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Managing an Owners Corporation in Light of COVID-19

Introduction – Managing an Owners Corporation You may be wondering what your obligations are in the current climate when it comes to managing an owners corporation. Although the situation is…
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Owners Corporation SP22776 v Lunn [2019] VCAT 2057 (23 December 2019)

  This case illustrates that courts and tribunals will, in certain circumstances, order lot owners to reinstate works undertaken by them in breach of the Model Rules of the owners…
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Red Tape and Further Delays to Amendments

In December 2013, Consumer Affairs Victoria completed its review into a more robust licensing and certification system for the training and conduct of owners’ corporation (OC) managers. It proposed to…
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Proposed Rental Law Reform in Queensland and how it could Impact the Strata Sector

The Queensland Government has announced proposed policy changes to rental law that will amend the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (‘the Act’). The proposed changes follow consultations with the community…
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The Latest Management Rights Termination Battle

The Background Law can be a very dry occupation. As long as you are not on the receiving end of them, some of the lines in legal judgments can be…
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Visitor Parking in Strata – Who is a Visitor?

You might wonder why the question of who is a visitor, matters and if you do, you are in the strata minority.  The ostensible abuse of visitor car parking privileges…
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Rights of Access to Lots – Body Corporate Management QLD

The Body Corporate Many bodies corporate are mistaken about their rights to access lots. There is a right to access a lot only for specific purposes and in accordance with the Act.
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