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Strata Levies and COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strata sector is facing some big issues. Perhaps the biggest challenge (this week at least) is how to manage body corporate levies…
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Coronavirus And Strata Managers: What Can You Do To Help?

Background – Strata Managers Strata managers and owners corporations have been presented with new and fundamentally different challenges by the COVID-19 situatio. The most dramatic and short-term impact of Coronavirus…
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Managing an Owners Corporation in Light of COVID-19

Introduction – Managing an Owners Corporation You may be wondering what your obligations are in the current climate when it comes to managing an owners corporation. Although the situation is…
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When and Why do Some Strata Management Committees Dysfunctional

Strata Management Melbourne At Strata Consultants Melbourne we speak with and sit down with strata management Committees day in and day out. It’s our job and for the most part…
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Body Corporate Prohibits Singing in the Shower

What Can Body Corporates Ban? No, not really, but this is where some want body corporate laws to head. There are many laws that affect community living, but the one…
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Owners Corporation Management Update: Owner Gets to Keep Balcony

Who is responsible for fixing a balcony on common property that has fallen into disrepair but was constructed without the approval of the owners corporation? The answer may surprise…
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The Case for Banning Airbnb & Short-stay in Apartment Buildings

  The death of a 19-year-old woman over the weekend is a very unfortunate event. The circumstances that led to this event raises the question of whether apartment…
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New Property Developments – ‘To Strata or Not to Strata?’

New Property Developments – How to Set-Up an Owners Corporation We’ve been receiving a lot of questions of late from property developers asking about ‘how to set-up an owners corporation’,…
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Who is Liable For Building Defects in Victoria?

Introduction When defects arise in buildings, particularly large residential developments, it is often difficult to know who to turn to for redress. This article is intended to provide some guidance…
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Changing Strata Management Companies – “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”

When most of us enter into personal relationships, there is a fairly evenly-distributed balance of power and autonomy, at least to start with. The same be said of dynamics of changing…
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