Is Strata Consultants Aligned or Affiliated with Any Body Corporate Management Companies in Melbourne?

Strata Management Consultants Melbourne is 100% independent.

We are not aligned, affiliated or related to any particular body corporate management company or groups of companies.

We work with a panel of Qualified & Approved Managers who are some of the best body corporate managers in Melbourne. We assess and review body corporate management companies in Melbourne on 5 key metrics:

  • Experience & Qualifications i.e. do the managers and business owner have the right body corporate management experience?
  • People & Servicei.e. are the body corporate managers being overworked and looking after too many buildings?
  • Integrity & Values i.e. do they charge an honest professional fee for managing buildings and act in the best of their clients (being the Owners and Committees)?
  • Systems & Processes i.e. strata management has evolved to be quite complicated and inherently has a high volume of transactions – do they have the right management software?
  • Knowledge & Trainingi.e. does the body corporate management company provide their managers with ongoing support and training?


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