How Much Does Your Body Corporate Management Change Service Cost?

Strata Consultants Australia Pty Ltd is a 100% independent strata management brokering company. We’re body corporate management experts and industry insiders. We know who are the good guys in the body corporate management industry – and as such we work only with the best body corporate managers in Melbourne.

Our panel of Qualified Management Companies covers our costs, very much like an Aussie Home Loan or any other broker business model, meaning our body corporate transition service is at no cost to strata Owners.

We are paid a once-off fixed fee by the incoming body corporate management company that you select. Best of all as we’re same fixed fee (based on the number of lots) this means our only priority to help the Committee of your building to understand all the facts, costs/fees/charges and merits of all the prospective management companies.

Our Mission Statements is to act as an advocate for Owners and Committees – we do this by being independent and impartial.

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