FIRB a Four Letter Word…?

The Australian residential market, for apartments in particular, is at an interesting juncture with most debt that was available for foreign purchasers having withdrawn from market.This withdrawal coincides with unprecedented forecast levels of development completion over the next 24 months – with our analysis indicating approx 86,000 apartments being delivered in 2017 up from 49,000 in 2016.

Out of this completion, we estimate approx $12 billion in FIRB sales needing to settle in 2016 and more than $14 billion in 2017.

We have been interested to already see an increase in inquiry from developers for finance of residual development stock(FIRB).

Stamford has access to competitively priced capital that has appetite to finance completed residential stock to:

1. Allow developers to clear their construction debt; and
2. Release equity tied up in completed assets for future acquisitions.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with any client about refinancing any residual stock or any property finance need in general.

Domenic Lo Surdo can be contacted on (02) 9046 8902 should you have any about development financing.

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