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By 2030 half of all Australians will reside in the cities. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are expected to lead that growth and shift towards to urban living.

Currently there are over 270,000 owners corporations in Australia (known as body corporate services in some states), amounting to a staggering 2,000,000 lots, and property worth in excess of $500 billion.

With a greater shift towards strata living there will be, inevitably, a greater increase in the number of owners corporation managers in Melbourne and nationwide.

Urban planning policies around Australia are targeting annual growth of more than 10% for the next 15-25 years. In Melbourne it is estimated that there will be 17,000 new strata lots coming online in 2017. Which would also entail the increase in the number of owners corporation managers in Melbourne.

This growth in strata and increase in new developments will mean challenges for both owners and body corporate management companies alike. Modern developments and buildings have evolved to become complicated entities with numerous facilities, amenities and OC’s. This turn means that the laws and regulations governing owners corporations management also become more complex.

This is why we’re here to bring help parties together to ensure harmonious living. There’s no need to worry on how to change body corporate services on Victoria as we help you ensure a smooth transition experience. We do this by meeting with body corporate service’s committees to understand their issues and helping them to uncover the best possible solutions.

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