Owners Corporations: Smoking & Smoke Drift During COVID-19 Lockdown

We live in an apartment block. We have a serious issue of second-hand smoke in our unit. The excessive amount of smoking by some of the residents, specially during the lockdown, has affected our health. We can never go out or open our windows due to the disgusting and toxic smoke that comes into our unit through windows or even through the aircon. Every time, I get an asthma-liked attack, and my child’s eyes become irritated and start watering. I have taken the issue to our body corporate but they said there is nothing that can be done and we have to live with this situation. I am reaching out for help to see if there is any way that we can deal with this hazardous issue. It seems that our body corporate has no interests in addressing this issue.


What Can Be Done About Smoking and Smoke Drift Going Into Other Apartments and Common Areas in Owners Corporations?


Is This Covered by Model Rule 1.1 for Owners Corporations Victoria?

1.1 Health, safety and security of lot owners, occupiers of lots and others

A lot owner or occupier must not use the lot, or permit it to be used, so as to cause a hazard to the health, safety and security of an owner, occupier, or user of another lot.


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