We only recommend proven, responsive, and competent Owners Corporation Management Companies

We only recommend proven, responsive, and competent Owners Corporation Management Companies
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    Choose from Melbourne’s Best Body Corporate Managers – independently verified

    In any fast-growing industry, there are dedicated professionals, novices, and opportunists.

    Your property is a valuable asset that demands professional management from proven and experienced companies. All Strata Certified Management Companies meet stringent requirements based on time-tested experience, fiscal prudence, stability, and responsiveness that puts them amongst Melbourne’s best body corporate management companies.

    Choosing an inexperienced Body Corporate Manager often leads to costly mistakes. Let us help you find the best Body Corporate Management Companies for your property – companies who deliver value for money and protect your property’s future value and interest.

    The five (5) key fundamentals for us when assessing and vetting Owners Corporation Management Companies in Victoria:

    Strata Management Experience and Qualifications

    Strata Management is a specialised field despite the low legal barrier to entry. We only work with companies who have a proven track record, verified experience, and the right set of skills and systems to pass our rigorous selection process.

    Professional People and Professional Service

    Timely communication, prompt response, and anticipation of needs are fundamental to effective body corporate management. A simple high-level metric when assessing service is to look at the number of staff in the company compared with the number of lots and buildings managed by that company.

    Integrity, Solvency, and Values

    Buildings often accumulate substantial maintenance funds and involve sizeable annual spending budgets, so trust, solvency, and integrity are vital attributes of your body corporate management. One key indicator is the length of time your management team has been in operation.

    Systems & Processes

    Body Corporate management involves multiple owners’ and generates a high volume of transactions, so having proper software and fail-safe processes are essential. If your strata management operator is trying to run your body using property management software or Microsoft Excel, they are unlikely to deliver the service you need.

    Knowledge and Training

    The rules and regulations governing Owners Corporations in Victoria are complex and ever evolving. All reputable body corporate companies require staff to undertake continuous professional development and training programs which is another reason to ensure that the number of staff in the company is appropriate to the number of lots and buildings they manage.

    Changing Management Companies can be risky.

    A Strata-Verified OC Management Company protects your interests
    The Best Body Corporate Management in Melbourne

    The Best Body Corporate Management in Melbourne

    Strata Management Consultants was incorporated in 2014 because we saw a need for a service to help Body Corporates (Owners’ Corporations) select experienced managers and avoid the (increasingly common) body corporate management disaster scenarios. As active body corporate managers in Melbourne we were being called on increasingly to resolve mismanagement issues, so we set out to create a resource of pre-qualified and vetted body corporate managers.
    What could have been very stressful and time consuming was handled in an efficient and professional manner.”
    Chris P. Committee Secretary

    Selecting a new Body Corporate Manager in Melbourne can be challenging

    We help body corporates and owners’ corporations dissolve their existing relationships with body corporate management smoothly and appoint appropriate new managers who are:
    • Experienced
    • Honest
    • Professional
    • Service Focused
    • Protect Your Interests
    The type and number of units on your property affects your selection of Body Corporate managers as you will be best served by a management team that specialises in your specific property size and structure and we ensure that your manager is appropriate.
    How this helps you manage your Body Corporate more effectively…

    How this helps you manage your Body Corporate more effectively…

    In many cases, using our services to appoint a new Body Corporate Management involves a substantial reduction in fees as well as better service and an all-round improvement in your experience. The differences our clients’ experience can be dramatic as demonstrated by one client who saved $145,000 per annum in fees.

    More importantly, all our managers will ensure that your interests are protected, your maintenance is carried out, and your property values are preserved.

    Very low barrier to entry - becoming a registered OC Manager in Victoria

    Did you know?
    Did you know that in Victoria all you need to do to become an Owners Corporation Manager is to register with the BLA?
    The registration fee for 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2023 is $226.70. Find out more here.
    Did you know?
    According to the 2023 Macquarie Bank research, 29% of owners corporation managers in Victoria manage fewer than 1,000 lots. The question that Committees and OCs should be asking is - what happens to our funds if the appointed OC manager isn't financially stable and viable?
    Did you know?
    Victoria is the only state where more than 30% of all registered owners corporation management companies are less than ~5 years old? That's bad for Committees and Owners Corporations because they lack experience, knowledge, systems, processes, network of professional contacts etc.
    Read our Don’t Trust a One-man Band with Your Money (or Owners Corporation Management) article here.
    In Victoria, more than 46% of all registered owners corporation management companies are less than ~5 years
    Less than 3 years
    4-5 years
    6-10 years
    11-15 years
    16-20 years
    More than 20 years
    Strata Management Consultants can help you select the right Body Corporate Management to make your experience simpler, more streamlined, and ensure you get the best value for your money
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      How our clients appreciate our help with Body Corporate Managers

      “On behalf of the committee, I would like to express my gratitude for your highly professional service. I was impressed…
      Melissa F.
      Committee Secretary
      Swanston St, Carlton, Victoria 3053
      “Good team to work with when due diligence is required to understand who can provide a better service at a…
      Bruce C.
      Committee Member
      South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
      “Excellent service. They listened to our requirements and helped us find a solution.”
      Sue C.
      Committee Member
      Kensington, Victoria, 3031
      For registered & professional OC Management Companies in Victoria:
      We are responsible for the growth of Melbourne's best and most trusted OC management brands.
      The strata and owners corporation management industry in Victoria has more than doubled in the past two decades (vs the 40 years prior) and all our trusted Business Partners have been outpacing the wider industry growth.

      "We are a boutique strata management company in Melbourne. For the first 20 years of our business, the growth was sluggish and was mainly via client referral. We did not have the required resources to engage a business development manager.

      It was frustrating to see other companies expanding fast in the industry whilst we provide a much better service.

      We were lucky to get to know David in 2016. Soon after joining forces with David / Strata Management Consultants, our business grew considerably in a matter of a few months. Over the years, our portfolio quadrupled. We cannot thank David and his team enough. Apart from the usual things David does for us, he also offers generous assistance with business management which we also greatly appreciate."

      Director of established OCM company
      St Kilda Road, Melbourne
      How to change strata management companies in victoria
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        Committee Members: everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!

          <strong>Committee Members: </strong> everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!
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