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When it comes to the surrounding suburbs of Bayside City Council, changing your strata manager or setting up a new owners corporation requires the help of a strata service filled with experience and expertise. At Strata Management Consultants, we will help you navigate the process of transition in a simple way. We can help you save the time, money and hassles that come with changing to a new body corporate management in the Bayside area. All you need to do is communicate your expectations and requirements, and sit back as we take care of everything else.

Help us help you with finding a Bayside body corporate manager that is suitable for you. Give Strata Management Consultants a call at 1300-917-848 today!

What We Do For Our Strata Clients

The research process
The research process
Selecting the right body corporate manager for your building can be tough when you don't have sufficient industry information. We at Strata Management Consultants will do all the hard work and conduct in-depth research to find the best strata manager for you.
Price and service comparison
Price and service comparison
We'll also compare the prices and services of all body corporate managers to help you choose the one that provides you with the most value. This will, of course, be done after discussions with the committee about their expectations.
Facilitating the changeover
Facilitating the changeover
We can decode what the Bayside strata management contract means for your building, helping you make the right decision. We always ensure that your interests are protected at all costs so that you can experience a seamless transition.
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    Improving Your Bayside Body Corporate Needs With Strata Consultants

    Changing to a Bayside strata management company is not easy. Many issues need to be looked into, from choosing the right strata manager to the contractual obligations with the existing company. Strata Management Consultants take the hard work out of this entire process. We help Bayside body corporate committees and owners corporations in addressing any concerns and achieving the right outcomes through our strata consulting services.

    Located in the middle-southern suburbs of Melbourne, Bayside City Council is spread over around 37.19 sq km. This city is home to around 102,337 residents, with the total number of dwellings coming up to 43,103. These dwellings comprise small apartments, larger detached dwellings, cabins, caravans, and houseboats.

    Strata Management Consultants understand the unique Bayside strata management needs of your buildings. We always make it a point to review the building structure, facilities and the expectations of the committee before starting with the process of body corporate changeover.

    Strata Management Consultants always try to understand the specific needs of every building besides the service requirements of the owners corporation and committees.

    Who we Service
    Property Developers
    Residential Owners Corporations
    Commercial Owners Corporations
    Industrial Owners Corporations

    Strata Consultants’ OC guidance in your area include the following select OCs:

    • 35 Occupiable lots – South Rd, Hampton East
    • 62 Occupiable Lots – Warleigh Grove, Brighton
    • 41 Occupiable Lots – Cochrane St, Brighton
    • 14 Occupiable lots – Bleazby Ave & Male St, Brighton
    • 14 Occupiable lots – Karen Street, Highett
    • 40 Occupiable lots – Highett Rd & 1 Major St, Highett

    Our Strata Management Services

    Changing Strata Managers

    Dedicated one-on-one guidance on changing your body corporate manager. We will take you step-by-step through your course of action for the changeover process.

    New Body Corporate Management

    Assistance in setting up the best strata manager to manage the owners corporation most effectively which doesn't look even slightly believable.

    Experience The Difference With Our Bayside Strata Management Consultants

    Founded in 2014, Strata Management Consultants has helped several hundred owners corporations and committees in choosing the right Bayside body corporate management company. We help our clients navigate the entire process from start to finish. What’s better is that our services are delivered at no cost to the clients since the entire cost of the service is borne by the incoming strata management company.

    We are always committed to achieving the right outcomes for owners corporations and Bayside body corporate committees within the area. It is our guarantee to connect with Melbourne’s best body corporate management companies to meet your Bayside body corporate needs.

    Are you looking for a new strata manager? Let Strata Management Consultants take care of the process so that you can find the best body strata management company to fit your strata needs.

    Contact us today to connect with one of our strata experts or call us at 1300-917-848.

    Not in the Bayside Council area or its surrounding councils such as Port Phillip, Glen Eira, Melbourne, or Kingston? That’s no problem. We service areas across Victoria!

    10 Years of Continued Success Stories
    We helped Committees to change OC management companies week-in and week-out, and over the years we have delivered exceptional, manageable growth for our highly regarded OC managers.
    Testimonials written by Committees we have worked with
    Buildings and OCs that we have transitioned to better management
    14,000+ lots
    That we have helped - whether they were owner-occupiers or investor owned
    Estimated $700k+
    That we have helped Committees and OCs to save on their management costs!!

    Buildings we have helped in Bayside Body Corporate to change owners corporation management companies

    Independent Feedback from happy Committees and OCs nearby to your local area
    “Thank you to Jordan, David and the team for their assistance in procuring new Body Corporate Managers. We were guided…
    Vista OC Committee
    Committee Member
    Highett, Victoria 3190
    “The Hamptons Owners Corporation committee engaged Strata Management Consultants ™ (SMC) who did a great job in studying our Owners…
    The Hamptons OC Committee
    Owners Corporation Committee
    South Road, Hampton East, Victoria 3188
    “We were growing increasingly unhappy with our Owners Corporation management company for some time, we chose Strata Management Consultants ™…
    Lisette G.
    Committee Chairperson
    Brighton, Victoria, 3186
    “On behalf of our Owners Corporation Committee I would like to thank Strata Consultants and in particular Rus Ilyassov for…
    Heather D.
    Committee Chairperson
    Highett Rd & Major St, Highett, Victoria, 3190
    How to change strata management companies in victoria
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      Committee Members: everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!

        <strong>Committee Members: </strong> everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!
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