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An Exceptional Darebin Body Corporate Solution For Our Clients

Looking for a change for effective Darebin body corporate management services? Trust our team at Strata Management Consultants to be your first point of call. 

Assessing or changing strata managers doesn’t need to be an arduous affair. With our expert strata consulting services for Darebin residents, you can take all the stress out of resolving any disputes with your body corporation. You can rely on our team of expert strata management professionals to conduct all the necessary research, evaluate strata levies and additional costs, and streamline the transitional process for owners corporation committees who are looking to change up their body corporation. 

Strata Management Consultants offers a wide range of services, including assisting in the formation of new owners corporations, outlining changes to strata contracts and bylaws, and offering all other general consultancy services for strata schemes including Darebin body corporate activities.

Get in touch with the team at Strata Management Consultants today to ensure that all concerns surrounding your owners corporations are addressed promptly and efficiently.

What We Do For Our Strata Clients

Our Thorough Research Process
Our Thorough Research Process
At Strata Management Consultants, we are aware that each owners corporation comes with its own unique list of management requirements. Because of this, our research process allows us to identify the most compelling problems impacting your body corporation.
Price and services comparison
Price and services comparison
By facilitating discussions between price and services. Our team at Strata Management Consultants can get to the source of all your most pressing strata concerns.
A smooth changeover
A smooth changeover
Strata management consultants will monitor your handover process from beginning to end to ensure that it is as seamless as possible.
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    What Makes Us The Top Darebin Body Corporate Consultancy Firm?

    With approximately 148,570 residents living across 68,366 dwellings, Darebin Council is one of Melbourne’s most rapidly developing council districts, with more and more strata schemes being established in Darebin with every passing year. As a result, there has been a growing demand for exceptional Darebin body corporate & strata management services across the district. And that’s where Strata Management Consultants comes into the picture.

    Since opening our doors in 2014, our team at Strata Management Consultants have been offering an extensive list of strata management services for owners corporation committees across the area. Many Darebin body corporate committees and owner corporations have switched to new, effective strata management businesses with a track record of success over the course of the last eight years, all with our assistance.

    For those looking to switch strata managers in and around Darebin, you can be sure that Strata Management Consultants will be there to help you navigate the entire transfer process. Our experienced consultants have got you covered across all stages of the process, from assisting you in selecting the right strata manager to tackle all the paperwork that inevitably accompanies assessing your strata agreement. And even better, we won’t charge you a dime for any of our services, as we offer a no-cost model to committees themselves.

    Who we Service
    Property Developers
    Residential Owners Corporations
    Commercial Owners Corporations
    Industrial Owners Corporations

    Strata Consultants’ OC guidance in your area include the following select OCs:

    • 10 Occupiable Lots – Johnson St, Northcote
    • 21 Occupiable Lots – Clarke St, Northcote
    • 17 Occupiable Lots – Westgarth, Northcote
    • 55 Occupiable Lots – Georges Rd, Preston
    • 21 Occupiable Lots – Wilcox Street, Preston
    • 52 Occupiable Lots – High St, Preston

    Our Strata Management Services

    Changing Strata Managers

    We are trusted by Committees since 2014 when it comes to guiding them through the process of changing body corporate managers.

    New Body Corporate Management

    We will maintain and take charge of setting budgets, the preparation of accounts and the responsbility for the upkeep of the building.

    What Strata Management Consultants Can Do For Your Darebin Building?

    When you work with Strata Management Consultants in Darebin Council, you can enjoy a host of consistently stellar strata management services. Not only can we assist you in replacing your strata or body corporate managers, but we can also guarantee that all of our services adhere to industry rules and regulations to guarantee a final solution for all your strata stresses without any subsequent gaps or legal hassles. 

    You can also rely on us for in-depth evaluations of your owners corporations, including an assessment of balance sheets, income and expense statements, service contracts and reports of levy arrears. Our thorough processes and procedures ensure that we leave no stone unturned, cultivating an accurate understanding of the ins and outs of your unique strata scheme and owners corporation. 

    And on top of all this, we’re also licensed to provide new body corporate management services across Darebin and the greater Melbourne region. Simply put, with Strata Management Consultants on your side, you will no longer have to be complacent with ineffective or unmotivated body corporate management. You and your fellow title owners can enjoy the quality strata management services that you deserve.

    If you require industry-leading Darebin body corporate management services, make Strata Management Consultants your primary source of support. Contact us today at 1300-917-848 or by filling out our web enquiry form for additional information on any of the strata management services we offer in Darebin and beyond.

    Not in the Darebin Council area or its surrounding councils such as Moreland, Moonee Valley, Yarra, or Stonnington? That’s no problem. We service areas across Victoria!

    10 Years of Continued Success Stories
    We helped Committees to change OC management companies week-in and week-out, and over the years we have delivered exceptional, manageable growth for our highly regarded OC managers.
    Testimonials written by Committees we have worked with
    Buildings and OCs that we have transitioned to better management
    14,000+ lots
    That we have helped - whether they were owner-occupiers or investor owned
    Estimated $700k+
    That we have helped Committees and OCs to save on their management costs!!

    Buildings we have helped in Darebin Body Corporate to change owners corporation management companies

    Independent Feedback from happy Committees and OCs nearby to your local area
    “Thank you Jordan for providing our Committee with guidance and expertise to transition to new OC management. We particularly appreciated…
    Westgarth OC Committee
    Westgarth OC Committee
    Northcote, Victoria 3070
    “Russ, I hope you are well. Everything has been great thanks to your invaluable advice, effort and all round commitment…
    Marion L.
    Lot Owner
    Arthurton Road, Northcote, Victoria, 3070
    “David provided an extremely professional and efficient service. He was extremely knowledgable on the process and answered all our questions…
    Fiona C.
    Committee Member
    Clyde Street, Thornbury – Melbourne, Victoria, 3071
    “We appointed Strata Consultants to help us find a new OC manager, as our last manager was plagued with issues.…
    Rob C.
    Committee Member
    Northcote, Victoria 3070
    How to change strata management companies in victoria
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      Committee Members: everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!

        <strong>Committee Members: </strong> everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!
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