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Helping Committees, Owners, and Investors with Owners Corporation Reviews.

We help Committees to change body corporate managers. We make sure that everything is done according to the rules and regulations. 

Since January 2014, we have been trusted by Committees across metro-Melbourne when it comes to changing and appointing a new body corporate management company. 

With well over 1,300 registered body corporate managers in Victoria – there are certainly professionals and opportunists. With our input and insight, we help you avoid the costly mistakes of dealing with the latter.

Strata Consulting
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Benchmarking & Review of Operating Costs
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Ensuring Owners Corporation Efficiency

  1. How much money does your owners corporation collect every year from its members?
  2. What does the funds of the owners corporation members get spent on?
  3. Is the owners corporation operating effectively and efficiently.

Reporting Back to the Owners

Committees are the elected to represent the Owners Corporation and are required at every Annual General Meeting to submit a Committee’s report.

How we work with Committees to review the owners corporation:

Initial discussions with the Committee to understand the priorities of the owners corporation.
Review of income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, levy arrears report, and service contracts.
Benchmarking and drilling down further.
Follow-up consultation with the Committee and our final report of findings.

Melbourne Reviews of Owners Corporation Management Fees

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