Strata Managers and Blank Cheques from Developers

Strata Managers and Blank Cheques from Developers
Appointment of strata managers in Melbourne
Developers often choose and appoint the strata manager before owners even move in.


Initial Appointment of Strata Managers

Strata managers often are needed when property is sub-divided through the creation of owners corporations. Section 66 of the Owners Corporation Act 2006 stipulates that the applicant (i.e. the property developer) must convene the first Annual General Meeting within 6 months of the registration of the strata plan of subdivision.

The developer is also the 100% owner of all the newly created lots within the strata plan of subdivision – until such times that lots are sold and settled.

1st Annual General Meeting

More often than not the inaugural Annual General Meeting of owners corporation are “paper meetings”, in that the meeting itself doesn’t actually take place but rather the parties agree on what has been decided.

Strata managers in Melbourne (also known as owners corporation managers) are out there vying to be appointed by developers.

It is at this inaugural general meeting – often only between the developer and the strata manager – that this appointment (amongst other things) takes place.

Changing Strata Managers

We were contacted by the body corporate Committee of this building in St Kilda. We met with the Committee. We helped to review the owners corporation management documents and financials.

We conducted an owners corporation management tender for the Committee and presented the Committee with 3 Proficient Body Corporate Managers to choose from.

Qualitatively the companies were good, knowledgeable and ethical companies we’ve worked with and known for years.

Quantitatively we HALVED the owners corporations’ cost of owners corporation management by simply changing owners corporation managers.


Time to Change Body Corporate Managers?

Strata Consultants Melbourne has been helping and guiding Committees on how to change owners corporation management companies since January 2014. We guide you through the process of changing body corporate management companies and everything is done according to the body corporate rules and regulations. Speak to a Strata Consultant about changing owners corporation managers on 1300 917 848.

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How to change strata management companies in victoria
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