Owners Corporation in Templestowe, Victoria

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We had been unhappy for some time with our body corporate managers provided by the Victoria management company, we were advised to contact David to see if he could help out with recommending an alternative body corporate companies.

David was very quick to set up an appointment and to sit down with our residents and ascertain what our wants and needs were, David than went away and came back to us in a timely fashion with companies for us to look at changing to. We went through each recommendation and decided on a replacement company David then ensured the transition from our previous Manager to the new one went ahead as seamlessly as possible.

David has been in constant touch to ensure the changeover has been completed and we couldn’t have been happier with him and we would have no hesitation recommending David and Strata Consultants Melbourne to any other Body Corporate that finds themselves in need of a change of Strata Management.

Laurie M.

Committee Chairperson Innisfallen Ave, Templestowe - Melbourne, Victoria, 3106

Other Testimonials

“Justin provided the service he said he would. He was responsive, communicated his role clearly and there were no surprise costs. There seems to be a paucity of decent Owners Corporations in Melbourne. I’m glad we chose to go through Strata Management Consultants to help us navigate a disordered…
Body Corporate Broker

Sam H.

Owner-Occupier Brunswick West, Victoria, 3055
“Thank you and your colleagues for your very professional assistance in locating and transitioning to a new owners corporation management company. The new arrangements are now working smoothly and we are a lot happier with the service we are receiving. Best regards!” …
Body Corporate Broker

Peter L.

Committee Member Melbourne, Victoria, 3004
“You don’t realise how important a good owner corporation manager is … until you get a bad one. Our last owners corporation manager was worse than bad. He was smug, arrogant, ignorant, manipulative and dogmatic. Quick to suggest ‘solutions’ that would’ve lined his own pockets in extra fees – and emptied…
Body Corporate Broker

Wendy K.

Committee Secretary Burwood Road, Hawthorn - Melbourne, Victoria, 3122
“Thank you so much to Russ and the team at Strata Consultants for making the very difficult task of finding a new Strata manager for our Owners Corporation so much easier. Your guidance and expertise made it such a simple process for us and we are extremely happy with the…
Body Corporate Broker

Camden B.

Lot Owner Dandenong Road, St Kilda East, Victoria, 3183
“No words can describe how much we appreciated Russ and the team at Strata Consultants for guiding us through the difficult process of terminating our previous management company and finding a new owners corporation manager. As an Owners Corporation Committee member for the property at Dudley St, Caulfield East, I…
Body Corporate Broker

Max P.

Committee Chairperson Dudley St, Caulfield East, Victoria, 3145
“Rus of Strata Consultants provided excellent service and was most helpful with the transitional process to new Strata Management.” …
Body Corporate Broker

Chellene S.

Committee Chairperson Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189
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