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Specialist Owners Corporations Lawyers

Berrigan Doube Lawyers understands the complex relationships which exist between owners corporations, Committee Members and individual owners. Jenny Wang and her team strive to assist owners corporations in all aspects of legal advisory and litigation from debt recovery to highly complex management disputes.

CLP Lawyers in Victoria is a dynamic and progressive firm offering sound advice, effective strategies and the best possible outcomes in all areas of general law in Victoria. CLP also in particular has extensive experience and expertise when it come to owners corporation maters and strata building defects.

Audit and Forensic Audit Specialists for Owners Corporations


Strata Management and Owners Corporation Training

Arena Energy Consulting has helped many of our owners corporations and Committees navigate the tangled webs of embedded networks. Joseph’s extensive expertise in the energy sector enables his consulting work to help OCs avoid pitfalls, renegotiate contracts, and save money.

Strata Management Consulting & Education (SMTI) is run by Deryck Walker, who is a seasoned and experienced former owners corporation management business owner. Deryck through SMTI is dedicated and passionate about helping owners corporation managers and Committees (and owners) on all aspects relating to owners corporations and strata titles.

Other Strata Management Industry Professionals

Strata Business Brokers – whether you are wanting to get into the Owners Corporation management industry in Victoria, looking to grow your current OC business, downsize and strategically off-load some of your OC management portfolios, or it’s time to maximise your years of hard work in running a successful OC business – there’s one specialist advisor you need to speak to.

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