Consumer Affairs Victoria: Conduct and Quality of Owners Corporation Managers

“A few weeks ago I attended a workshop on the ‘new OC Act’, or rather proposed amendments to the current Owners Corporation Act 2006 (Vic). Kerri-Anne Millard and Patrick L’Estrange from Consumer Affairs Victoria were presenting some of the key findings from the recent Consumer Property Law Review. Below is summary of key themes arising from the consultation in terms of owners corporations.”

Quality and Conduct of Owners Corporation Managers

The feedback from submissions received by Consumer Affairs Victoria centre around:

  • Managers lacking knowledge about the Act
  • Poor conduct of managers (including bullying and intimidation)
  • Strong feedback that the threshold for managers is too low and minimum qualifications and licensing is needed
  • Support for disqualification thresholds similar to other licensing regimes (e.g. criminal records)
  • Mandatory requirement for professional indemnity insurance.

Owners Corporation Managers: A Snapshot of Other Issues

  • Disclosure of commissions and discounts – submissions revealed some differences in experiences/views of residents and Owners Corporation Managers regarding disclosure of commissions and benefits
  • Financial transparency – support for legislation to mandate separate bank accounts for each owners corporation (vs a manager using the bank account for all his clients and pooling funds).

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