We Helped Carlton Owners Corporation to Save $5,997

We Helped Carlton Owners Corporation to Save $5,997

The Committee of an owners corporation in Carlton contacted us due to concerns they had with the management of their building.

We met with the Committee at a café near their building and it came to light that:

  • The incumbent owners corporation managers assigned to manage their building was a junior, inexperienced, and ineffective – especially in the face of some of the building defects matters that they had;
  • The incumbent owners corporation management company also happened to own the building management/cleaning company – which is never a good idea or good result for owners and Committees; and
  • They didn’t have the trust or confidence in their incumbent owners corporation management company (after numerous failures and let-downs).

After a few meetings, the Committee felt they were ready and comfortable in engaging us to assist with the transition of strata management companies.

We sat down with the Committee to obtain their viewpoint as to what were the priorities for the building and to go through our strata management tender questionnaire. We then undertook a few full tour of the building with the Secretary of the Committee to understand the building and some of the issues.

We came back to the interview with good quality strata management options – and companies that specialised in tackling defects issues in large buildings. The Committee shortlisted 2 companies to interview and after due process, including undertaking reference checks, the Committee knew who they wanted to appoint.

We Helped Carlton Owners Corporation to Save $5,997


The new strata management company took over management after a bit of work with meetings and resolutions to take effect the transition.

We met with the new strata manager at the building as he met with the Committee and undertook a tour of the building. The new manager and new strata management uses a paid app called “Site Audit Pro” to capture and store all the information about the building’s layout and facilities.

After such a detailed process, we are always left with the feeling that we know the building and Committee quite well. It’s always that little bit sad to say bye and let the new strata manager takeover however we take comfort knowing that the Committee and building is in good hands.

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For information about owners corporation living visit https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing/owners-corporations 

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