What We Do

Strata Management Consultants helps Committees when it comes to changing owners corporation management companies in Victoria.

We help owners corporation Committees answer not only “how to change body corporate companies in Victoria” but also we ask and help to address:
What are the contractual obligations with the incumbent strata management company?
What are the key issues now and considerations in ensuring we achieve the right outcomes?
Is the building and owners corporation operating effectively from a decision and management perspective?
Is the building and owners corporation operating efficiently in terms of services, sub-contracts, and operating costs?
For us it’s about having an open and honest dialogue with the Committee to ensure that the issues and intended outcomes can be met – and that we can add value to the process.
Committees are by definition groups of people coming together and having a Strata Management Consultant helps when it comes to getting it right.
Engaging a Strata Management Consultant:
Puts an ‘industry insider’ and strata expert on your side and we ensure that everything is done in accordance with the law.
Gives you access to a panel of Qualified & Approved Strata Management Companies.
Is at No Cost to the Owners Corporation and Committees as our costs are covered by the new Manager.
Is impartial as we are 100% independent and the choice of who to appoint remains with you.

Five Steps

To a New, Better, & Service-Focused OC Management Company


Open the Discussion

The first step is to open discussions with your Committee to ensure that is a consensus about changing body corporate companies.

Ideally, the best time to choose the right manager was when the title was set up – but if you’re having problems with your Strata Manager choosing carefully now will save you time, money, and problems in the future.

Once that a consensus to move forward is established, feel free to speak to a Strata Management Consultant by calling 1300 917 848.


Clarify What You’re Looking For

Each building and owners corporations has their own unique set of needs and requirements. We take the time to sit down with the owners corporation Committee at a time and location convenient for them.

We use a 12-point briefing process that has been developed over time and informed by our experience to uncover the issues at hand. Starting with this process will increase your chances of achieving the best outcomes for your owners corporation.


Discuss Your Options

In consultation with the Committee and from our fact-finding we draft a comprehensive tender request document accompanied by photos of the building and supporting documents.

We invite Qualified and Approved Managers to submit proposals for management.

We analyse and vet each tender submission. We provide clarity and comprehension with our comparison report. Our report highlights the differences in service offerings and pricing.


Know Where You Stand

Once a decision has been made, due consideration needs to be given to the current contract with the incumbent owners corporation manager as well as the applicable legal considerations.

Through our advice and experience we help to ensure that the Committee meet its requirements and we ensure that all the laws and legislations are followed.


Transition to a New Strata Manager

We manage and run the process to effect the change in strata management; this may entail organising a General Meeting, Ballot or Committee Meeting (including preparing any necessary Notices, Minutes and documents as needed).

Our job is to ensure that the handover process goes smoothly until the new strata manager assumes management.

How to change strata management companies in victoria
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    Committee Members: everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!

      <strong>Committee Members: </strong> everything you need to know about being on the Committee at your fingertips!
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