What We Do

We help you on the process of changing owners corporation management companies in Melbourne.

Strata Management Consultants connects you with the most competent and professional managers in Melbourne. The priority when it comes to strata management should be to protect your investment and achieve your goals.

Our service is at No Cost to you as the new strata management company covers our costs. We have done the hard work in vetting and qualifying each and every strata management company we work with.

Five Steps

To a New Strata Management Company


Open the Discussion

The first step is to open discussions with your Committee or a group of Owners to ensure that others are also unhappy and would consider a change to a new strata manager. Then speak to our independent Strata Consultants by calling 1300 917 848.

Ideally, the best time to choose the right manager was when the title was set up – but if you’re having problems with your Strata Manager choosing carefully now will save you time, money, and problems in the future.


Clarify What You’re Looking For

Each Body Corporate / Owners Corporation has their own set of needs and requirements. A Strata Consultant will come and meet with the Committee of your building at a time and location convenient for them.

We use a 12-point briefing process that has been developed over time and informed by experience to uncover the issues at hand. Starting with this process will increase your chances of achieving the best outcomes for your Body Corporate / Owners Corporation.


Discuss Your Options

In consultation with the Committee and from our fact-finding we draft a comprehensive tender document. We invite Qualified and Approved Managers to submit proposals for management.

We analyse and vet each tender submission. We provide clarity and comprehension with our comparison report. Our report highlights the differences in service offerings and pricing.


Know Where You Stand

Once a decision has been made, due consideration needs to be given to the current contract with the incumbent manager as well as the applicable legal considerations.

Through our advice and experience we help to ensure that the Committee meet its requirements and we ensure that all the laws and legislations are followed.


Transition to a New Strata Manager

We manage and run the process to effect the change in strata management; this may entail organising a General Meeting, Ballot or Committee Meeting (including preparing any necessary Notices, Minutes and documents as needed).

Our job is to ensure that the handover process goes smoothly until the new strata manager assumes management.

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