How to Change Body Corporate Managers in Victoria

We help Committees to change Strata Manager or Body Corporate managers. We make sure that everything is done according to the rules and regulations.

Since January 2014, we have been trusted by Committees across metro-Melbourne when it comes to changing and appointing a new body corporate management company.

With well over 1,000 registered body corporate managers in Victoria – there are certainly professionals and opportunists. With our strata consulting input and insight, we help you avoid the costly mistakes of dealing with the latter.

Strata Consultants

We help to appoint professional, competent, and honest OC Managers


We have helped to change owners corporation managers for apartments, townhouses, and broad-acre estates ranging from 4 lots to over 2,000 lots.


We have helped to change owners corporation managers for a range of commercial and mixed-use buildings from shopfronts with apartments on top right through to large complexes with multi tenancies.


We have helped to change owners corporation managers for industrial parks in a range of diverse suburbs from Melbourne’s southeast right through to Melbourne’s north.


We have helped to change owners corporation managers for many of Melbourne’s iconic office buildings in the CBD, St Kilda Road, and outer suburbs.

How we work with your Committee to make a change Strata Manager or Body Corporate Manager

Through our dedicated one-on-one guidance, a Strata Consultant will work with the Committee from start to finish to change the body corporate manager.
In this section provide further context where you have the dot points. This includes adding information such as: what does the owner do and how strata consultants provide guidance in that stage of the process:
Initial discussions with the Committee.
Review of the building structure and facilities.
Scope and undiscover Committee expectations.
Review key documents and draft detailed RFT.
Compare, analysis, and review with the Committee.

Reviews: Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“Strata Management Consultants ™ were pivotal in helping our owners corporation navigate the difficult task of switching body corporate managers.…
Rowena L.
Committee Chairperson
Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Victoria 3182
“Fantastic experience using Strata Management Consultants Melbourne. Not having experience in selecting a new Owners Corporation Manager (OCM) and generally…
Committee Member
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
“Thank you so much to Russ and the team at Strata Consultants for making the very difficult task of finding…
Camden B.
Lot Owner
Dandenong Road, St Kilda East, Victoria, 3183
How to change strata management companies in victoria
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    Frequently Asked Questions To Change Strata Manager

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